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Bullying Awareness Week at St. Edward- grade 8 poem

On Monday November 21st, St. Edward students participated in a Bullying Awareness and Prevention assembly.This assembly served as a thought provoking opportunity for all our students to think about the many faces of bullying (e.g. social bullying, cyber bullying). Many classes presented some of their own work, from video, to songs, to the well-known book/video “Don’t Laugh at Me”, all presentations revolved around these three ... Continue reading "Bullying Awareness Week at St. Edward- grade 8 poem"

Le Jour du Souvenir

On Friday November 11th, students in grades 5 to 8 had the privilege to hear Captain Holt speak to them about the significance of Remembrance Day. A big thank you to Captain Holt and the Veterans Association for a truly memorable presentation about the many faces of our Canadian Armed Forces and their service to our nation.