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Congratulations to our Math Champions!

Congratulations to our students for the amazing work they did on solving math problems during the Mathletes program.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, February 20-21, students were challenged to solve as many math problems as possible.  Needless to say, our St. Edward students performed above and beyond expectations and solved correctly well over 18000 math problems!

Way to go students!  A big thank you ... Continue reading "Congratulations to our Math Champions!"

Youth Speak Presentation on Mental Health

On Thursday February 15th, students in grade 6 to 8 had the opportunity to attend a talk by Youth Speak and to learn some coping strategies to add to their mental health toolkit.  A big thank you goes out to Scott for sharing his personal story and to Mallorie for walking our students through important information.  Students were highly engaged throughout the presentation and came ... Continue reading "Youth Speak Presentation on Mental Health"

National Canada Flag Day 2018

Today, Thursday February 15th, is National Canadian Flag Day.

Today our morning ritual was a little different from the regular morning routine.  To mark the occasion, we had the whole school gather in the gymnasium for a special singing of the O Canada, led by three students in our Intermediate Choir, and we welcomed four members of the Knights of Columbus. A big ... Continue reading "National Canada Flag Day 2018"


Shrove Tuesday was a huge success!  Thank you to Mrs. Muktar for organizing such a great event and for all the parent volunteers who came to celebrate Pancake Tuesday with our students.  All parents were busy preparing pancakes and serving them to our hungry and eager students and staff.  We also had the pleasure to share this special treat with Father Dominic, Frank from St. ... Continue reading "THANK YOU PARENTS FOR THE DELICIOUS PANCAKES!"

School Blessing for 2018

On Thursday February 8th 2018, we had a special blessing ceremony at St. Edward for the year 2018.  Father Dominic extended a blessing to each class as he walked around our school.  Many students were able to have their precious items brought from home blessed at the same time, and we took care as a school to get our St. Edward medallions blessed as well. ... Continue reading "School Blessing for 2018"